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If you have a medical emergency or life-threatening situation, always call 911.

After-hours calls to RCMS's Gualala Health Center are transferred to TeamHealth, a call-in medical advice service. When the RCMS Gualala Health Center is closed, you may call 707-884-4005 to be connected to this line.

Gualala Medical Center
46900 Ocean Drive
Gualala, CA 95445
Hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Monday through Friday,
excluding Holidays
For appointments call 707-884-4005

On Call Urgent Care Services
is available Saturdays,
Sundays and major Holidays
from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Call 707-884-4005

Point Arena Medical Center
30 Mill Street
Point Arena, CA 95468
Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Monday through Thursday, excluding Holidays
For appointments call 707-882-1704

Point Arena Dental Center
175 Main Street
Point Arena, CA 95468
Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Monday through Friday,
excluding Holidays
For appointments call 707-882-2189

RCMS Meeting Room
Suite E
The Elaine Jacob Center
38550 South Highway One
Gualala, CA 95445

Heal Local - Mendonoma Coast

Community Foundation of Mendocino County
Angel Fund

For the past five years, RCMS has been the recipient of a small Angel Fund block grant from the Community Foundation of Mendocino County.

Monies from the Angel Fund grant are designed to be used to give community residents - most frequently seniors and the disabled - a helping hand-up in the area of healthcare.

An RCMS RN/Case Manager and a member of the RCMS management team review all requests for assistance. Typically grants from The Angel Fund block grant are used to help provide long-distance transportation for out of town medical appointments, purchase of medical support equipment, uncovered prescriptions, etc.

For more information about the Community Foundation of Mendocino County, go to

Requests for assistance through the RCMS Angel Fund grant should be directed to Richard Henrikson, RCMS, RN/Case Manager at 707-884-9069.

Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS) providing quality healthcare to the coastal communities of Mendocino and Sonoma Counties since 1977.

Healthy Habits 2015 meetings start in April

After a brief hiatus during the winter, the first Healthy Habits meeting of 2015 will take place on Wednesday, April 1, at 5:30 p.m. at the Elaine Jacob Center. The meeting topic is Healthy Eating & Active Lifestyle and will include information on health and fitness trends that are currently making the news.

"During 2015 we will look at some of the changing views about healthy living; whether or not coffee is good for you, the re-emergence of "healthy" fats, the power of positive thinking, mindful eating, and so on, and whether these concepts can be incorporated into making smart lifestyle choices," said Trish Miller, RN, Diabetes & Hypertension Educator and one of the Healthy Habits Team leaders.

Healthy Habits meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month, and the hour-long meetings start promptly at 5:30 p.m. at Suite E, the Elaine Jacob Center in Gualala. There are always healthy snacks to share and door prizes, and no reservations are needed.

Healthy Habits is a free program of RCMS. For more information, contact Jacquie Lappé, RN, or Trish Miller, RN, at RCMS, 884-4005, Ext. 139.

Job Opening: Full Time, Family Practice Physician

Redwood Coast Medical Services, Inc. (RCMS), a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), is seeking to add a Board Certified Family Practice physician to its well-established and well-respected Primary and Urgent Care practice in Gualala and Point Arena, on the Pacific Coast in Northern California. Read more →

The RCMS Dental Center Team is growing

To keep up with high demand for dental services in our community, RCMS has increased its staff at the Point Arena Dental Center as well as expanding the hours that dental services are now available. Read more →

Do you need health insurance?

visit Covered California Do you need health insurance? Come talk to RCMS Certified Enrollment Counselor Cassondra Christiansen about your options.

Cassondra can help you apply for Medi-Cal or for private insurance through Covered California, and will determine if you are eligible for financial assistance. She can also answer your questions about penalties for not having insurance (or how you may qualify for an exemption), what options for coverage are available, or just help you better understand your new coverage.

Call Cassondra at 882-2189 ext. 103 with any questions or to set up an appointment.

Special thanks to REACH Medical Air Transport

Special thanks to REACH Medical Air Transport for partnering with RCMS on a campaign to help support RCMS' Urgent Care Equipment Fund. For every $65 household membership REACH receives, via specially coded membership applications, $10 will go to RCMS. REACH membership can provide you and your family with peace of mind in the event of a medical emergency. So if you are not a REACH member, consider becoming one now. REACH brochures/membership forms are available at all RCMS locations, or go on line to to sign up, using Code 9663. Please call REACH at 707-239-2505 if you have any questions.

Go Local . . . Heal Local

Remember to GO LOCAL... Keeping our dollars within the community whenever possible is having a positive impact on this area's businesses and our economy. So please Go Local, Shop Local, Stay Local, Build Local, Eat Local, Drink Local, Power Local, Play Local and, of course, Heal Local whenever you can.

The mission of Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS) is to provide high quality, family-oriented, community based primary medical and dental care, including a broad range of preventive health services to residents and visitors within the coastal areas of Southern Mendocino and Northern Sonoma Counties.

Sonoma-Mendocino coast RCMS is a not-for-profit health center providing a full range of healthcare services at its three clinics located in Gualala and Point Arena. Services are designed to meet identified needs of the community services, are integrated with other existing healthcare services and systems, and are evaluated on a regular basis to assure that community health needs are being met.


Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS)

Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS)

Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS)

Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS)

Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS)

Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS)

Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS)

Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS)

Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS)

Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS)

Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS)

Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS)

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